Gene Moore

He was a baseball prodigy. At the age of fifteen, Gene Moore was a boy, playing like a man, in a game where men, play like boys.

Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his destiny was interrupted by
Pearl Harbor.
His life... and
maybe our
would be
forever altered.

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About Playing with the Enemy

"We are particularly pleased with the acquisition of the rights to publish Gary W. Moore's Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, a World at War, and a Field of Broken Dreams (September 2006), a rich and deeply moving book inspired by his father Gene's remarkable life. At just 15 years old, Gene was one of the country's leading catcher prospects in 1940. His budding career in the Major Leagues was cut short by Pearl Harbor and America's entry into WWII. Gene played ball with other professional athletes on the US Navy team in the Azores and North Africa, transferred back to America to guard German prisoners of war from a captured submarine, and taught the enemy how to play baseball!

Life threw Gene a wicked curve ball that sent him on a soul-searching journey through minor league baseball, an odyssey that ultimately derailed a career that could have been, but never was. His postwar catharsis was difficult, long in coming, but ultimately successful. Playing with the Enemy is the new millennium's extraordinary riches-to-rags-to-riches saga that will be especially loved by everyone who enjoyed The Rookie or The Natural. This book is about life, destiny, opportunity, family, and what a man does with a second chance. It is, quite literally, unforgettable. -- Theodore P. Savas, Managing Director, Savas Beatie LLC.

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