Gene Moore

He was a baseball prodigy. At the age of fifteen, Gene Moore was a boy, playing like a man, in a game where men, play like boys.

Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his destiny was interrupted by
Pearl Harbor.
His life... and
maybe our
would be
forever altered.

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Soon to be a major motion picture!

We began with a pre-tour press conference Thursday morning, announcing that Academy Award winning Producer, Gerald Molen and Whitelight Entertainment, will be producing Playing with the Enemy as a major motion picture! Gerald had produced or co-produced Shindler's List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, Days of Thunder, Minority Report and many other popular and successful movies. Gerald's partner and Director of Development, David Ranes, was present to make the announcement. David also made the official announcement that Toby Moore (www.tobymoore.com) will star in this film and play his true-life grandfather, Gene Moore. Does it get any better than this? David and Toby coauthored the screenplay and preproduction is tentatively scheduled for spring of 2007. So Playing with the Enemy is "Coming to a theater near you!" To read more about the Playing with the Enemy movie, view our media page for the latest headlines.

See what Hollywood is saying:

Uncanny Resemblance?

Gene Moore, Navy, 1942

Toby Moore as Finny in
"A Separate Peace"

Having only been in Los Angeles for a short time, Toby Moore is already proving to be one of Hollywood's most promising young actors. Moore received excellent reviews for his portrayal of Tommy Skakel in USA's "Murder in Greenwich" opposite Robert Forster and Christopher Meloni. The New York Times reported "Toby Moore is seductive as Tommy..." while The New York Post said "...but where the movie shines is in the low-key performance by Toby Moore as the gorgeous, despicable Tommy Shakel."

Starring as Finny in "A Separate Peace" on Showtime, the Hollywood Reporter says, "Moore pretty much steals the show, not only with his buoyant good looks but also with his penchant for stealing screen time from everyone else simply because his energy level is high. He's a delight to watch, and our full attention never wavers."

What's next for Toby? He says this about his latest project, a true labor of love. "Creating a movie about the life of my grand father, Gene Moore, has become more than a project, but a passion. It is an unbelievable story, combining baseball, war, small-town America and the struggle to succeed against all odds. It is exciting to be able to work with my father, the author of Playing With The Enemy, to turn this book about the life of Gene Moore into a motion picture."

News about Toby's career will be posted here as we receive it.

You can learn more about Toby Moore at http://www.tobymoore.com.

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